5 Reasons Why You Want to Own a Business

Apr 1, 2012 | Know Thyself First, Starting Up

Take time and develop five reasons why you want to own a business. These are your life goals.

Perhaps, one goal is “greater happiness.” How does starting your own business add to this goal, and how does it subtract?

Maybe another goal is “more time with my family.” Does starting your own business meet this goal. Maybe it will not meet it now, but will it in the future? Is this acceptable?

You might want to make your goals even more concrete. “I want to develop a business so that I have lifelong financial stability and don’t need to depend on another person for support.” If this is your reason, be sure to choose a business that will have the best chance for market stability and long term growth.

After you have developed these five reasons, print them out and post them on your bathroom mirror. Look at them every day for the next month. At the end of the month, have they changed? Be sure that you still feel positive that your new business will help meet these goals.