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Unearthed makes healing accessible to all by taking the fear out of healing and motivates clients to better themselves moment to moment.

Unearthed makes healing accessible to all. Mental wellness no longer needs to be just for the wealthy. Unearthed gives everyone access to the same care on their own time and at a price they can afford. For those who prefer to keep to themselves about their struggles, Unearthed allows you to work on yourself by yourself instead of face to face with someone, which can hurt certain people’s developments.

Unearthed takes the fear out of healing and motivates users to better themselves moment by moment. Unearthed ties into numerous trends: A mobile app with a unique interface that keeps you connected A physical planner for those who still love to put pen to paper A responsive website with free resources at your fingertips The ability to have 24 hour support from peers and industry professionals Unearthed quickly becomes the user’s personalized guide for their life… keeping track of the things that are important to you are no longer an issue. From diet and exercise, to mood and energy levels, to medications and doctors appointments, to budgeting and lifestyle, Unearthed helps you find out what is and isn’t working for you. Keeping on task with this information is hugely important when it comes to tracking growth and progress, something that mental illness can render impossible Unearthed will teach you how to rebuild your foundation… what sets Unearthed by Julianthology apart is its focus on rebuilding the foundation upon which you build your life by focusing on your values and belief systems. We’ve found through working with clients and doing research that when we return to our values, healing takes place almost immediately. We find purpose and meaning again, which so many seem to lose when dealing with their mental health.

Unearthed helps users find their purpose in their own time without overwhelming them or adding to their struggles. Size of Market The true number of people suffering from mental illness is unknown. According to Our World in Data, there are 970 million reported cases of people dealing with mental illness or substance abuse. It is estimated that everyone suffers from a period of depression or anxiety, lasting 3 months or more, at least once in their lifetime. These numbers are growing on a daily basis and in the United States alone, wait lists for therapists and psychiatrists offices can be as short as 1 month and as long as 6 months. Suicide is a leading cause of death globally. One person dies every 40 seconds due to suicide, according to the World Health Organization. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death in the world among people ages 15-29. Mental health issues are attributed to 76% of suicides, followed closely by low-income and poverty. Although therapy is readily available, at least in the United States, that does not mean this is a viable solution. Despite these numbers, over 40% of the global health care markets have no mental health policy and over 30% have no mental health care in place. Therapy and psychiatric treatment are only affordable in the United States if you can afford health care that covers enough of your bill to keep your co-pay at under $100 a visit. Even then, some providers simply don’t accept insurance or don’t accept a wide variety and charge upwards of hundreds of dollars an hour every week. In-patient care requires insurance, money, and the ability to support your family while you are not home and out of work. While there are processes in place, they are not accessible to everyone. Solution Sarah: “I am feeling really off today” Unearthed App: “What is going on?” Sarah: “I woke up with this feeling of dread and I can’t shake it. I don’t know how I can get through today.” Unearthed App: “Let’s take a look at your emotional emergency plan. Have you tried the following: Taken your medication Breathwork Walked outside Said ‘I love myself and believe in myself deeply’ at least ten times” Sarah: I just said my affirmations, did the breathwork, and I am feeling much better. I will try to take a walk during lunch. Unearthed App: Setting a reminder for you to take a walk during lunch. I will check in with you later today. Sarah: Thank you 🙂

The Unearthed App will learn what works for you and will use the information you give it to help you when you need help. It will also give you tips as you track your moods, habits, and food if you choose to track all aspects of your life. The Unearthed app will do the thinking for you. Instead of feeling stuck, you can turn to the app, explain what is going on, and with a touch of a button the app will guide you through a series of exercises to help you reach equanimity again. Trackers and scanners that allow you to utilize two platforms at once. For those who enjoy the simplicity of writing pen to paper but like the accessibility of an app, you can transfer your information from paper to app with the touch of a button. All of your habits and moods will link up allowing the app to tell you what choices can affect your mood or energy in the long run. This will also allow you to know if medications are working or if a certain program is functional for you. No more guessing or struggling to remember how the last month or three months went. Simply plug the information you need into the application and you have everything you need.

Connection across applications for easy access to Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, and Outlook Calendars within the app so you don’t miss important meetings. Sync with contacts and build communities with peers for support. Save fitness information from smart watches and calorie counter applications for easy access to that information in regards to how it affects your mental health. Online resources through the app and website so people can educate themselves in a positive and uplifting way. Users will have access to courses and one-on-one coaching that works with their schedule and their budget. No more wait lists, no more dinnerless nights, no more stress over not having insurance. Through holistic methods and working through past traumas with a certified coach or social worker, users will have access to recovery when they need it.

Market Experience

The Julianthology blog launched in January 2019 and is dedicated to sharing our founder’s experiences and wisdom. In February 2019 the Unearthed by Julianthology brand came to life with the Unearthed Podcast. Since the beginning of 2019, Julianthology and Unearthed have grown steadily and are gaining a positive reputation on social media. Instagram influence has seen the largest increase. In January 2019 we started off with 563 followers and as of June 2019 we have 3500+ followers. We averaged 800 page visits a week and are engaging with every new follower, leading to 2 new conversations a day, resulting in connections with industry professionals, new clients, and supporters for our brand. Website viewership increased from 133 visitors to 560 visitors between January 2019 and May 2019. As of June 11th 2019, we should reach at least 600 visitors on our website by the end of June. The Unearthed Planner is in its beta testing phase with 10 testers from varying backgrounds. The response so far is very positive and the work the planner asks you to do is helping the users. We also have people asking about the planner and when it will be available for purchase. Coaching clients are growing steadily as well. Julianthology launched its first free email course at the end of May 2019 and within 2 weeks gained 25 subscribers and steadily adds 2 subscribers a week. Julianthology started accepting one on one clients in June and currently has 3 clients booked and daily inquiries. Unearthed Podcast is going into its second season starting on June 20th 2019. Its first season aired 7 episodes from March to May, gained 39 subscribers, and has 304 total plays. Revenue Model Unearthed will have two forms of revenue: subscription based and mark-up based. The Unearthed app will charge users $10.99 a month for full access of the apps functionality. Users can choose to subscribe for a month, six months ($60), or 12 months ($105). Users who choose to purchase a planner, priced at $50, will have discounted access to the planner’s app at $1.99 per month. Unearthed by Julianthology has additional revenue streams including Planner accessories like journals, stickers, pens, etc Sponsorships for the podcast One on One Coaching and online courses Speaking events, workshops, and webinars Competition Competitors focus on one aspect of a person’s life and not the big picture. Other planners simply focus on planning out your day or a specific aspect of your life and don’t allow you to have it all in one place. There are applications for mental health but none of them provide empirical evidence, based on your habits, if certain things are working for you or not. Streamlined simplicity is the way to go and that is what Unearthed has to offer across the board. Capital Raise Unearthed by Julianthology is in the beginning stages of fundraising. We have not received any capital funding as of yet. Together, Julianthology and Unearthed products can change the way we treat mental health. Everyday we strive to educate people about what living with mental illness really looks like in order to end the stigma that surrounds it. We are growing quickly and the feedback we are receiving is remarkable. There is no better time than the present to start making this world an inclusive and compassionate place to live.