The Face of Venture Capitalism is Changing – You Might Just Recognize It

Jun 1, 2012 | Funding

We know the number of woman owned businesses is growing by leaps and bounds, but did you know that the way that these businesses are being funded is changing too? Statistics show that while only five percent (5%) of the estimated $36 billion invested by venture capitalists goes to women, this is still more than twice the amount of money awarded to women just 4 years ago.

Women are finally being noticed for the success they are achieving. In the past, female entrepreneurs were seen as “financial risks” because did not conform to the male definition of success (since men were the ones holding the purse strings). But now, more women are becoming investors — starting venture capital initiatives and angel groups across the country. Coincidentally (or maybe not) 41% of venture-backed businesses now have women in senior management positions, up from 21% in 1998 (this information comes from the research company Venture One and published in the September 2000 Inc. Magazine article: A Network of Her Own).